quinta-feira, novembro 06, 2008

Dmitry Medvedev no dia da eleição de Obama

MOSCOW, November 5 (RIA Novosti) - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev delivered his first state of the nation address to both houses of parliament on Wednesday.

The Russian president said in his address:

- Georgia's military offensive on South Ossetia was a consequence of policies unilaterally followed by the U.S. administration
- Russia will not give up its role in the Caucasus
- pledged that the implementation of the country's strategic programs will continue on schedule
- Russia will deploy short-range Iskander missiles in its exclave of Kaliningrad next to Poland in response to U.S. missile plans for Europe
- Russia has cancelled plans to take three missile regiments out of service in the central part of the country, in response to the U.S. missile shield plans for Europe
- Russia will use electronic warfare to counteract the U.S. missile shield
- the ongoing global economic crisis is no reason to nationalize domestic industries and banks
- Russia has sent its proposals on reforming the global economic system to the G20 nations
- Russia should adopt legislation on establishing the country as a global financial center by the end of the year
- Russia will continue its efforts to settle the post-Soviet conflicts over Nagorny Karabakh and Transdnestr
- urged a switch to the ruble in payments for gas and oil supplies

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